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gilded boi

gilded mickey has cream primary skin tone with a yellow secondary skin tone. His arms slowly turn golden and his gloves are dark grey with yellow stipes and he has 5 finger on each hand, and on his left hand he holds a large golden staff with a jeweled golden mickey head at the tip with a blue crown and gilded mickey wears a purple one. His ears have a blue peanut square like shape behind both ears and big blue circles for the inner ear. He also has a necklace that is in a kite shape with a smaller purple kite shape inside and he also has a purple robe and a cream tail. His pants are also purple with his shoes as well and his buttons are yellow.


gilded mickey appears in his own camera called "king's domain" which other gold suits can enter but other suits that aren't golden can't enter the room, but he is seen sitting on a purple throne but then he will get off his throne and move to the storage room where he is seen giving money to the less wealthy suits then he moves to the staff area where he is seen on a desk counting his money then he moves to the meat freezer tipping his crown to the camera then he moves to the office you must find coins in the meat freezer, lounge, roof and character prep 2 the coins are just a coin emoji plastered in random places in the camera but if you fail he will jumpscare you and make every character on the night faster by 15% which is very dangerous when you are playing all 20 mode in the custom night because everyone on that night are FaSt As FRiCk.


  1. "hiya pal!"
  2. "I know that you want to be wealthy Jake like me!"
  3. "help count my coins with me"
  4. "I will give you some money after 6AM"
  5. "why are the suits unhappy?... I did give them some cash."
  6. *random humming*
  7. "I am very cash money of myself"


  • it is true that he and king mickmick (another fanmade character) they are actually very long lost cousins
  • him humming is actually a small part of the fnaf vr hardmode music which can be heard here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-80FdwR9ePQ
  • gilded mickey is a very generous suit and if he was a human he would be filthily rich but he would be very conservative with his money mainly using it for donations
  • a thing I forgot to mention in the "behavior" section of this page is that suits that have a royal like design also can enter kings domain
  • as a random fact gilded mickey really hates ferrets
  • gilded mickey's behavior references how he is a very wealthy suit


you can voice act for him just remember that he has a mickey voice with also a hint of wealth