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Glitch sadness in an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery island 2.0 and another character from the movie inside out.


Her appearance is the same as the movie inside out but now she has several defetos in her textures, she has two textures, which are her negative textures and those that are black and white.


She will start in the deepest depths or together with TS but will not get up until she has woken up, when she has woken up she will be able to see her in the camera and then go to broadcasting, after charcters prep 1, the staff area and the Freezer to finally enter your office. When you are in your office you have to hide under the desk to not be killed otherwise you will have a game over.


Depths ➝ Broadcasting ➝ Characters prep 1 ➝ Staff area ➝ Meat freezer ➝ The office.

or this route

Depths ➝ Broadcasting ➝ Characters prep 1 ➝ Staff area ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The office.


  • She is one of the four glitches or corrupt characters. The others would be The Corruptus, glith piglet and Lord hater.
  • He originally started in characters prep 2 but decided it was in depths because she does not fit very well.
  • She is one of the few characters that does not have an alternate version the other two are joy and disgust.
  • She is one of the enemies that does not speak in the game other serious Abandoned Scrooge McDuck


File:Glitch_sadness_extra.png|Glitch sadness in the extras.

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