Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"... you know all about those toons by now, don't you? Maybe even Ink-Blots... but what I know you haven't heard of, is virtual toons. And let me tell you, the Ink-Blot equivalent of a virtual toon is way worse then any toon you'll ever encounter."

- Unknown

Glitchy is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island and related FNaTI games.


Glitchy is a virtual toon, born from CGI videos and video games. However, like regular toons, there is an Ink-Blot version of virtual toons known as "Glitches."


Glitchy takes on the appearance of Ortensia. However, as she is a "Glitch," she has various qualities that define her. She is missing the mid section of her right leg, but still has the rest of her leg and foot seemingly still attached by an invisible force. She was wide holes where her eyes should be, and her body has several splotches of yellow. Her body often flickers and statics.


Glitchy can start in one of three locations, the Lounge, the Meat Freezer, or the Roof starting on Night 4. Glitchy will make her way to the Office, and when in the Office, the player must shut off a camera to get rid of her.

However, at any given moment, Glitchy's face can appear on the monitor screen, or on the computer in the Office. If her face appears on the monitor while the player's on it, they must quickly switch cameras, otherwise the monitor will crash, and have to reboot, rendering it useless during that time. When her face appears on the computer in the Office, it will attract other suits/toons to the Office, similar to Disembodied. The player must hide for her to disappear off the computer. If the player takes too long to do so, Glitchy will begin to crawl out of the computer screen, if this happens, Glitchy will kill the player inevitably.

At any given moment, Glitchy can split, making two Glitchys during one game. Rarely, she can split again, making three Glitchys.


  • Glitchy is intended to have come out of a copy of Epic Mickey.
  • Glitchy is partially based off of ERROR.
  • Glitches are also intended to be able to phase through walls and teleport, however, since Glitchy starts so close to the player, this isn't demonstrated.