Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Golden Mickey Is A Fan-Made Character And An Unofficial Antagonist In Abandoned : Discovery Island. The Only Thing That I Know About Him Is That He Is A Secret Character appears in Oswald The Lucky Rabbit's House room of floor during at Pirate Caverns Inside a Springlock Suit.


Golden Mickey Is A Yellow , Golden Version Of Normal Mickey. He is like a grungy and an old Mickey Mouse trophy model. He has widened eye-sockets and he has golden , grungy buttons on his shorts. His fur is pale yellow and his face and his shoes , his shorts and his gloves appear to be dark pale orange. And his eyes appear to be replaced with small , pale white-glowing and circular eyes and his smile is forced and it's out


Golden Mickey Will Activate On Night 1 , he is located and he will start in the Break Room , then he will move multiple room along his path , he will appear in all of the rooms at random intervals before eventually appearing inside the two sides of the Office.

Golden Mickey Has A Rare Chance Of Appearing In The Office. When He Appears In The Office , Doing Anything Does Not Make Him Disappear. When He Moves To The Office , He Will Sometimes Say : "Hello!"

"How Are You Today?"

"I'm Friendly."

"Can Play For Some Time?"

"My Name Is Golden Mickey , The Friendly Mouse..."

"Don't Worry , I Won't Hurt You."

Golden Mickey Does Have A Jump-scare Or Anything Like That. If He appears inside the Office , the player must hide under the desk to make him disappear without a trace , If not , he will jump-scare the player and then he will crash the game.


  • Golden Mickey Does Not Have A Promo.
  • Golden Mickey Acts Like Golden Freddy In 'Five Nights At Freddy's 1' but he acts Like Animatronics From TRTF4.