Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Golden Mouse is a fan made antonigist Abandoned Discovery Island.


He appears as a golden mouse that has orange pants, a yellow face and is doing the pose Golden Freddy from FNAF does.


He can only appear in the office and cannot go anywhere else. Just like in FNAF, you have to pull up the tablet to survive. If you don't do it for 5 seconds then Golden Mouse will kill you, crashing the game.


  • He is similiar to Golden Freddy from FNAF.
  • His behavior is the same as Golden Freddy.
  • He is another golden character.
  • The way to avoid him is the same as Golden Freddy.
  • His jumpscare is from his promo, just like Baymax
  • He Also Appears as The Forgotten One in Radiance's Treasure Island but Instead of a Jumpscare If the player takes too long, The Forgotten One Just crashes the game.


  • The Office.

That is literally the only place he goes to.