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Golden face is of coarse golden but with a dark pink face with purple cheeks and and a lavender nose.

He has magenta pants with green buttons. He has orange eyes and a green bowtie with purple poka dots 


Gface's speed decreases the closer he gets to your office the reason is cause he will take a direct path to your office.

He starts in the storage room on top of some boxes he then is seen crawling towards the door while holding his eyes in his left hand

then he is seen in the staff area in the bottom right eyeless. (note: there is a rare chance he can be seen in character prep 01 this rare screen can only activate if pn mickey isn't in prep 01)

he will then move to the meat freezer where he is seen holding onto the hooks by a hand 

he will now enter the office but his behavior in the office is like corruptis for how to get rid of him 

if he is opening the door while looking at you while he is hard to understand shut off a cam 

if he is on the desk and speaking clearly hide

neglecting to do these will result in a jumpscare



"this was a golden promise YOU! broke"

"I might have no legs but I'm mighty fast anyways"

"its not me"

"golden things should never be broken"

WHEN IN OFFICE (hard to understand)

"we know what you did Jake so you should apologies"

"who do we have here?"

"there is a little bit of my remnant in every suit here"

WHEN IN OFFICE (easy to understand)

"it's not uncommon for someone to accidently call me yellow face"

"I was the first elemental I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING"



"Let me show you how to mutilate your face and look like me!"

"this time... WE... BREAK... YOU!!"

"Lets see how much we can distort your face"

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