Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"I'll show no mercy"



Goofy is a suit counterpart of the Disney character, Goofy. He's the replacement of Acephalous at night 8.


Like Photo Negative Mickey, he's one of the less changed characters compared to the normal Counterpart. He's the same as Acephalous, but slightly different. Now he has his head, and he doesn't seem to be a Mickey mouse clubhouse Goofy, now he's more stylized from the Disney cartoons. He seems to be very Rotten, having ripped off parts of his whole body and hat. And he's extremely covered in dust and his colors have much less saturation than normal. Also he seems to have a corpse inside him, as many bones can be seen through his rippings.


Goofy replaces Acephalous at Night 8. Goofy starts at the character prep 2, out of the camera. then he goes to the Staff Area, and the Meat freezer. Then he finally goes to the office. He only appears in one of the office entrances. He says some phrases, like Acephalous, but instead he doesn't say the same phrases. He starts at 2AM. To get rid of him, the player must hide under the desk, otherwise​ he will jumpscare you. shutting off a camera or the power doesn't work on him.


Goofy's path through the Island is by the following locations:

  • Character Prep 2
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


Goofy's full body appearance in Night 8.