Goofy Splicer is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He's one of Father's men and was created out of a drawing by him. It was originally an ordinary Goofy toon, but Father then later redrew him into a monster and made him come to life and serve as his men.


He appears to resemble Goofy except his buck teeth are replaced with long, fangs and has sharp teeth at the bottom. He has no eyes and red pupal's. He also has blood stains on his pants and shirt. He also has six, long appendages coming out with sharp blades as the tip. His finger gloves are spikes.


Goofy Splicer starts at night 4 in the Staff Area. Sometimes, a drawing of him can be seen on the floor. The player must stare at it long enough for it to disappear. Otherwise, he will come out of the drawing. When in the office, the drawing is shown on the desk. The player must rip it up to make him go away otherwise he will kill you. Rarely, he can come out, even if he's seen.


Goofy Splicer starts at the Staff Area in a drawing, then comes out and heads to Meat Freezer, then the office.


He is one of the toons created by Father

The originally drawing of his normal counterpart was found in Pirates Cavern from Father in the office drawer.

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