Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Hey Jake! It's me Lisa! So I've heard they installed a new room right next to the Pirate caverns Entrance! And it seems a bit lacking of originality, it's called "Green Cove". But it was never finished, I wonder why is that." - Lisa


The Green Cove is a Fan-Made Location, it resembles the Pirate cove Entrance, it contains multiple pictures and boxes around, probably because it was never finished.


This page is a WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP) so it might change MULTIPE TIMES. You can leave your thoughts, ideas and such in the comments if you'd like something changed. Everything written here will change constantly if it doesn't matches. Thanks for reading!


The Green Cove has multiple boxes, presumed to contain furniture that was never unpacked, one contains It's Mateo! while the others have furniture. The room has 2 large police tapes(?) in the screen of the Cam, the floor has green checkers and white checkers alongside a green carpet that leads to nowhere but Pirate Caverns Entrance, it has 3 lights hanging with few illumination, theres multiple posters of a Rabbit that say "Oswald", there's also a Photo-Negative version of that poster in the floor right next to a box, there's also a poster of The Face eyeless, unknown why the poster is there. As Lisa stated, this room was never finished.

Stuff to don't get wrong (Temporal Trivia)

  • The Green Cove was NEVER FINISHED because Mateo couldn't finish his work, as he had to go to sleep. It is currently unknown if it's gonna stick it's current way it looks or it's gonna be updated.
  • The Posters where Not took out from the internet, Mateo asked a friend to make a picture for him, the picture is being used currently on every website Mateo has, even this wiki.
  • The Photo-Negative version of the picture of Oswald was made using Gimp 2.
  • Where there is a Poster of the Eyeless The Face, there was actually going to be a poster of The Original but there was no time for Mateo to finish his work, there's high chances the Eyeless The Face poster will be replaced with one of The Original's teasers.
  • The unknown suit (Before referred as ???) has been revealed, It's Mateo!
  • There's high chances that the room is changed drastically into a different looking place. But this might stick.
  • here's bruno! Will be in the remastered version of this cam but he is actually behind the Oswald poster.
  • the same goes with Drugswald as he is in a TV.