Greyscale Acephalous is a antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Greyscale Acephalous looks similar to Abandoned Acephalous, but he is a Greyscale version of the original Abandoned Acephalous, a Goofy suit that lacks a head, walking alone in darkness.


Greyscale Acephalous acts the same as the original Acephalous, but has one difference and he's 2% faster than the original. He starts in the Bathroom, then goes to the Meat Freezer, and then the office. The player must shut off the power. Hiding or shutting off the cameras won't work on him.


  • Greyscale Acephalous is not edgy at all.
  • He is basically Abandoned Acephalous but with a B&W effect.
  • He is Greyscale Mouse's first creation, the second is Corca Mouse, third could be Glass.
  • He is Greyscale Mouse's longtime BFF. (Best Friend Forever)
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