Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

<tabber>Backstory (+info)= There was a person, named "Tommy" who was a savage kid in the FNATI MLG Community. Everyone loved him. Then later, he was bored and just decided to make another friend, which was Mickey-related.

He made a Greyscale Mickey suit, holding a gun, and was so shiny. He had MLG Glasses on (which were pixeled). Tommy was so suprised to see him. Tommy decided to name him "Greyscale Mickey of Dankness". Tommy said after, "What's your favorite food? I really wanna know what you eat".

GMOD said "Dorito Chips, every flavor, even the spicy ones. He likes to use Tapatio hot sauce for some Doritos Flavors.

Tommy made a potion for boredom, even though he is not a scientist. GMOD came and asked him some stuff. Tommy was also talking to him, until he accidentally spilled his potion on GMOD, causing him to go crazy and kill everyone on Tommy's neighborhood. He still loves dorito flavors with hot sauce.

Then he had came to a place called "Treasure Island". He saw suits, like Photo Negative Mickey, Disembodied, Oswald, and pretty much all other suits. The suits said "WOW, HE'S SO COOL". GMOD said "thanks suits!". The suits loved GMOD all day. He only wanted to kill humans still.

That's how GMOD was made.


The Greyscale Mickey of Dankness is a fan made antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


He appears as a greyscale Mickey suit, with MLG pixel glasses, and holds a gun. He can be seen with doritos too.


The Greyscale Mickey of Dankness starts in the Roof, in Night 4. Then he teleports to the Staff Area. Then goes to the Meat Freezer, Lounge and then the office. Hiding under the desk for 20 seconds is the only way to stay alive. Shutting off a camera or the power doesn't work.


  • He is shinier than every other shiny suit in "Treasure Island".
  • He is the most dankest. In TI (Treasure Island)
  • He loves EVERY flavor of Doritos, which are Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Toasted Corn, Salsa Verde, Spicy Nacho, Spicy Sweet Chili, Tapatio Flavor, Blaze, Dinamita, Flamas, and Jacked. So is every other flavor in the universe.
  • His teaser isn't shiny, because the creator was really lazy to make it shiny.
  • He is mostly friends with the suits who he thinks are cool, for example like Drugswald
  • He is one of the characters who lives the MLG life.
  • He is another character made from the app "You Doodle".


He kills you with the gun he has on his hand. Obviously.