Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Greyscale Mode is a secret night in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Greyscale Mode is unlocked by typing in the code G_R_3_Y_S_C_4_L_3 on the main menu, this night is hard so the player must be smart in able to complete this night.


This night includes all of NowDoYourHomieShake's Greyscale series: such as Greyscale Mouse, Greyscale Acephalous, Corcra Mouse, Glass, Greyscale Face and Schiavo abbandonato.


Greyscale Mouse- The leader of the Greyscale Gang, he moves from CP1, then the Staff Area, Meat Freezer and then the Office, the player must either hide or shut off the cameras, shutting the power off won't work on him.

Greyscale Acephalous- In order to get rid of this guy, the player must shut off the power, shutting the cameras or hiding won't work.

Corcra Mouse- He starts at the broadcasting room, his technique is playing music to distract the player. In order to stop the music, the player must shock Corcra Mouse and the music will stop. When he's at the office, the player must shut off the cameras or he will jumpscare the player.

Glass- Just shut the roof camera off if you see him on the roof, he won't appear for 3 hours. Giving some time for the player to defend against the other suits.

Greyscale Face- Obviously the same as his original counterpart, The Face.

Schiavo abbandonato- I am not putting what this character would do so if you want info on him, go to here.


  • This night could be based off the old Disney cartoons with the Greyscale characters. (Except Corcra Mouse)
  • Greyscale Mode is also based off the colors of Greyscale. (Those include Greyscale Mouse, Greyscale Acephalous and Glass)
  • Corcra Mouse is the only suit that isn't Greyscale on this night.