Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Greyscale Mouse is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Greyscale Mouse is a greyscale Mickey suit with what appears to be human eyeballs, a deadly species of Mickey that hides in the dark.


Greyscale Mouse is a bit faster than most suits, starting at Character Prep 1, then moves to the Staff Area, he would rarely go visit the Storage Room. Then the Meat Freezer, and then goes to the office. The player must hide or shut off the cameras or he will jumpscare the player, shutting off the power won't work for him because he can see through the dark.


  • Greyscale Mouse could be the edgiest out of all of the greyscale suits.
  • Greyscale Mouse actually has a shade.
    • His shade contains him having no eyes and is crying blood with a wicked smile.
  • Greyscale Mouse actually has a voice.
    • His voice is really deep.
  • Greyscale Mouse's actual name is clearly unknown.
  • He is friends with Glass and Suicide Mouse.
  • He was also going to be an enemy in Custom Gameplay Animation, but got scrapped.
    • Another OC of NowDoYourHomieShake called "Greyscale Face" was scrapped also, meaning that Greyscale Mouse and Greyscale Face are the only characters in NowDoYourHomieShake's fan makings to be scrapped in a fangame.

      Greyscale Mouse from Custom Gameplay Animation.


"You should've never came back."

"Your head will be easy to tear off."

"Welcome, to hell..."

"You cannot escape death, for death is inevitable..."

"Your sins will not go unpunished this time..."

"I will gain my revenge..."

"Nobody will miss you, not even the poor souls you have claimed..."

Scrapped quotes, basically those that were around for a few months that I finally wanted to scrap.

"I'm the predator, your the fool."

"You have awakened a terrible fate..."

"There's no honor among those who takes this job seriously."

The reason these quotes got scrapped because those were his beta quotes, plus they really didn't make any sense.