Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Gray-Scale Oswald is a Fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.



Gray-Scale Oswald is Oswald with short arms, no eyes, a strange smile and he is in black and white.


Gray-Scale Oswald starts in CAM 5 and if he enters The office the player must shut off a camera within 4-7 seconds or he will prevent the player from shutting off any cams he enters. He will prevent Suicide Mouse from turning on the TVs in the Broadcasting room but the song will still play.


  • He is based off of Suicide Mouse and Oswald
    • He is also known as Suicide Oswald.
  • He will stop suicidemouse.avi from playing on TV but the song will still play.
  • He is only active on Night 4 due to Night 5 being changed to the night of MickMick and Photo-Negative Mickey.