Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


the halfed is a halfed mickey suit that has guts hanging out off it with the addition of one human eye it also has its ears cut in half


it starts on night 4 in the meath frezzer and it can be seen hangng out thr fridge befor it crawls out it will then crawl to character prep 2 the storgae room the staff area the lounge thene it will come in the office and be seen watching from under the desk wene you see it you mst keep the camera pad up for 7 seconds it will then be heard grumbling and leaveing

sometimes it talks

.thginot uoy lliw eid witch is you will die backwards




today is the day that the five off us get revenge


they never say it but they were killed by jake along with halfed

figure out the message and halfeds proper name will be reveled

the blade shines with red as i lay on the ground the last thing i hear are the screams off them as i write this he is getting away stop j....