Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Hans is one of the and Fan Made antagonist on A:DI"


He is similar from his "Frozen" Counterpart except that his body are Very Dark than usual and his eye are missing.


He can sometimes Fade on your Office, if he fully fade in you die. Hover your mouse to prevent him for Fading on your Office.


He has no Quote.


  • Office


  • Him, Slime Pinocchio, Owl and others was supposed to appear on a Cancelled game called "The Disney's Hell"
  • The Developer once upload a post with text saying "They did it wrong...." Along with Him if you brighten the Post, this was later to be his Teaser.
  • If you set your Temperature to lower than 60° he will not appear for some reason.
  • Weirdly Enough there is a Buzzing Sounds if you look at him on the Game Files.