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"As he walks on,  his face becomes distorted..."


Happy Mouse Is Somewhat A Demon And A Fan-Made , Unofficial Antagonist In Abandoned : Discovery Island ; VERSION 2.0.

Happy Mouse, a demonic/distorted version of Suicide Mouse, which only his face is more distorted, as through the "Suicidemouse.avi" video, his face turns into a smile, giving him a skull-like grin.

He walks with his hands behind is back in a limp walk, but when he is in the Office, he reaches his arms outstretched.


Happy Mouse bears a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in his early cartoons, as all of his colors are in gray-scale and his features match the original cartoon Mickey Mouse, and looks rather shiny. Except That He Has Human/Skull-Like Teeth With 'Human' Gum Sewed Into The Teeth. He walks around with his hands tucked behind his back, except for when he is in the Office with the Office Room textured gray-scale/Black N' White. His face appears to be somewhat distorted and his shorts are black with white buttons on it , and his shoes are grey and his eyes appear to be like he's "sad".


Happy Mouse Will Activate On Night 5 Alongside Photo-Negative Mickey , Oswald , Ortensia , The Face , Suicide Mouse , and MickMick. He will start at the Broadcasting Room , If he activates , the whole room will turn the light red. Then he will take his complete path on most of the CAMs directly to the Office. Then he will go to Character Prep 1 or the Character Prep 2 , then he will eventually appear on these locations : Staff Area , Meat Freezer , Lounge , Bathroom , Depths , Break Room , The Roof , and then he will eventually appear in the Office with his arms outstretched , If he's in the Office , the whole office room will turn gray-scale. To fend him off , the player must pull off the monitor and shut off one of the cameras to avoid from getting killed , hiding under the desk will just have 7% of a chance of surviving/survival. But Failing , Neglecting , Delaying Or Refusing To Shut Off Any Camera In Time will result in Happy Mouse attacking the player , he will somewhat crash the game.

His behavior includes the original Suicide Mouse suit in-active once this one is active, which this one is more active, the player will have to be quick once he enters.

When Happy Mouse enters the office, the room will become Black and White just like Really Happy Mouse.

Once he will become active, a demonic/slower version of Suicide Mouse's music will play.


He starts off in the Broadcasting Room alongside any suits near him , which then goes onto his next locations that are :


  • Happy Mouse is one of the suits with Human Jaws.
  • Happy Mouse is another antagonist from Five Nights At Treasure Island 2 : Let The Show Begin
  • Alongside With Ancient Mickey , he is a cartoon himself.



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