Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Havmick is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Havmick is a mixed up Mickey suit, he was an accident while somebody was trying to make a new Mickey suit. But this was the result. Havmick now has to deal with the fact he looks like a "Corruptus" due to the fact he is not.


Havmick starts at the Storage Room, then walks to the Staff Area, then the Lounge, and then he will be at the office, the player must turn the power off or hide from him, shutting down cameras won't work on him.


  • Havmick was named after the Havoc animatronics from the game Dormitabis.
    • No, he is not based off the game like Created Sin and ISITREAL.
  • Once he was created, everyone asked him why he made it.
    • Then they put the suit in the Storage Room in one of the crates so that nobody could see the creation.
  • He can be seen wandering Pirates Caverns sometimes, and even where Undying lives.
  • He can rarely appear on the roof opening the vents for The Face to crawl in.