Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Who is Hazmat ?

Hazmat is an humanoid in Abandoned Discovery Island, he is a human who suffered a lab accident, this turning him into a completely distorted human, with the abilities to distort himself.


He looks like a human, but he is completely distorted, he dosent has pupils, his eyes are plain white, lacks of his left hand and he wears a Lab coat and pants, but all broken and dirty with a few blood splits on them, he has a employee card that says "Reynold Night" this being his name, he lacks of lips, showcasing his teeth, similar to jeff the killer, they are covered in dry blood, his hair seems to be mutated with radiation, because it looks melted.


He starts in Character Prep 2 Off cam, when he has become active (Night 2), he can be seen standing, with his head twitching, similar to Bonnie from Five Nights At Freddy's. He will proceed to move to the Meat Freezer where he can be seen standing in four legs, similar to Hourglass. Then the Lounge when he can be seen blocking the camera completely with his ugly face, then the Office whe he can be seen climbing on the desk with his legs in the form of a spider, his head looking to the player and his arms in the way of a spider, as well, the player must shut off the power to make him leave, he is Twice as dangerous as Undyne, when moving, he will say the next things just as if someone is getting tortured:

  • God did nothing for me, he won't do nothing for them.
  • My life is the reason why my kind exists.
  • IM HUNGRY...
  • I will find a way out of this place...
  • I have seen things...
  • I miss my life of before.


He will start on Character Prep 2 Off cam, then Meat Freezer he will proceed to go to the Lounge and finally arrive to The Office.


Reynold Night... A very famous scientist who's been working on a project! THE ANTIDOT 0, his purpose was to save the teenagers who transformed into some sort of Gascot, his life was full of luxury and money, he was with his young friend Mateo Anderson, untill he suddenly, out of boredom, touched a button, right before Reynold could finish it... The antidot dropped to the floor, Mateo escaped, but Reynold... Couldn't... In desperation, he was trying to escape, but Mateo blocked the door, while Reynold screamed to Mat to "Open the door", Mat stared in fear and ran away, leaving Reynold inside, Reynold screamed in brutal pain, slowly dying, he took out his lips of desperation and pain, he turned into a psycho, after 5 days, when the place was cleaned. Mateo came with an Oswald suit that represented himself, it was so well made, he wanted to say sorry and give the costume to Reynold, but Mateo was so unaware of what happend, that when he found out, Mateo ran into deppression and felt faulty for the rest of his life, however, he promised he would make more suits in his honor, Reynold somehow revived from his Coma, from behind some boxes, and he directed to the Treasure Island, where he found a Photo Negative Mickey suit, they both became great friends, Reynold promised to kill Mateo in revenge, after a long time, Mateo came to the island, but the suits where all haunted, broken and distorted, Mat was feeling very sorry for what happen, and left them on the island, when Reynold found them, he knew Mateo was in there, but all he found, was a Funny Nightguard trying to survive, alone, in the... Abandoned: Discovery Island.


  • Mateo Anderson was the fault of Reynold's current state.
  • Reynold insists on killing the guard, too, as he is a psycho and has the need of killing.
  • Reynold's nickname "Hazmat" comes from the character Hazmat from Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the imperfects, they both share kinda the same Backstory.
  • It is unknown if Mateo left Reynold there Intentionally.
  • Reynold's jumpscare is similar to Impure Mouse's as he looks like he is about to chomp the player's face.
  • He used to be connected with Gascot untill the accident happend.
  • The prhase "I'll find a way out of here..." Makes no sense checking he came to the Island himself.