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Headless Tails is a fan made headless antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks basically similar to Tails, but headless.


He starts from Character Prep 2, and then moves to Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge and then your office. The player must hide under their desk to avoid him. Failing to do so in 5 seconds, he will attack with his killscreen and eventually crash your game.


  • His screech will sound like Noo-Noo's scream from Five Nights at Tubbyland.
  • He is one of the headless suits. The others are Acephalous, Headless Mickey.
  • He does appear on Pirate Caverns at Floor 2 as an Easter egg.
  • When he moves, he only says "Help me."
    • Possibly, it could be a reference to Headless Mickey.
  • His killscreen shows his head, with human eyeballs and teeth.
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