Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Decades later after the Toons of Treasure Island were destroyed, the SSA return to Treasure Island for one last time to collect their last pieces of equipment. Until during their visit a supernatural occurance happens unlike any other they faced...

Later on in the wreckages of part of the building where the most resort once stood, one of the toons begins to climb out the rubble....Which it's returned from the afterlife to gain it's revenge on the SSA for discovering them in the first place and caused them to get destroyed...the SSA cannot leave the Island until they get rid of this Mickey...Because it has came back more powerful than before...


Hell Mickey is a fan-made antagonist made by Photo Negative Mickey. Which his character is based off Tom Savini's Jason from Friday The 13th:  The Game; Savini Jason.


Hell Mickey has the colors of a normal Mickey costume, except darker in a burnt like state. Around his body are cracks of glowing lava. And his eye sockets with multiple holes in his head involving lava aswell.

One of his ears are missing and is replaced with multiple short spikes. While the other ear is heavily distorted.


Hell Mickey begins in one of the wrecked locations, and proceeds through:

  • The Forest
  • Bridge
  • Wrecked Resort entrance
  • Wrecked Meat Freezer
  • Office