Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Henry/Cindy are possessed twins in Abandoned: Discovery Island.

Appearance of Henry

He is a evil, dead looking boy with a torn, burnt blue shirt. He holds a sad, eyeless Mickey plushie on his left hand. He also has no right arm. He doesn't have a starting camera, or even Cindy. He has no left eye. He has short, blue torn pants.

Appearance of Cindy

A burnt, possessed looking girl with a backpack, pupil-less eyes, and torn clothes. She also have cracked gloves.


Henry and Cindy begin in Night 2 at 12 AM in a fan-made location named "Room of Possessing". Henry will go into the Meat Freezer, Staff Area, Lounge, then in the office. He will kill the player if hiding for a while. Cindy will go into the Lounge, Meat Freeer, Room of Suffering, Nostalgia Café and the Office. She will kill the player if putting the cameras up and turning one off.

Henry will either laugh or say the following quotes:

Cindy is yet in pain?

Evil... Now we want to suffer with you.

Suffering won't ever end.

You... Now want us to suffer.

You killed Suffering... He's now back to kill you.

Cindy will either groan or say the following quotes:

The sickness catches me...

I want to suffer with you...

The deaths get me... and possess.

You will end up dying with Walt... if no then I will cry.


Henry's screesh originates from a part of the sound for a person screaming during torture.

Cindy's screesh originates from a little girl moaning in terror.

Henry's laughs originate from that of a monster laughing.

Cindy's moaning originates from a little girl crying in terror (one part).

When Cindy enters the Nostalgia Café, she has 1 evil eye.