Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Homicide Mouse is a fan-made antagonist and easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island



Homicide Mouse looks like a black and white version of Minnie Mouse's classic design.


If the player is really unlucky, when the player turns off the first camera, she will activate instead of Suicide Mouse. When she activates, she will say: "Forgetting someone?". After that, she will not talk at all. She will take Suicide Mouse's route to the Office, at the same pace, except there is no way to get rid of her when she enters the Office, as hiding, shutting off the power, or turning off a camera will work on her. She will jumpscare the player and crash their game.


  • She has a 0.2 chance of replacing Suicide Mouse.
  • She is connected with Suicide Mouse.
  • She always stares at the camera when she walks to the Office.
  • She is connected to Homicide Mickey.
  • She is inspired by Homicide Mickey.