Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Horace Horrible



Horace First becomes active on Night 4. His starting location is Entrance B he then moves to Lobby - Living Room - Meat Freezer - Spare Room A - The Office.


Horace will target one of the Breaker rooms before making his way to your Office. To stop him from cutting your Power you must lock the entrance to the Breaker room, Time it right though because you can only seal the door for 10sec before the entrance opens again. When Horace enters you Office check the camera he will be in Spare Room A waiting. once you spot him exit the camera, turn off the lights, and hide under your desk. you should here footsteps 2 times one being him coming inside the Office and the other of him Leaving. after this come out from your desk and continue the night.


  • Horace is from the very popular Creepypasta, Candle Cove. I gave him this design because of my liking for the character and how I thought he would fit right in to the Character list.
  • In the game you can actually see his true face when he first enters the building, he picks the lock on the entrance door and then comes inside and puts on his mask.
  • Horace Is another very clever Enemy that likes to hide In shadows and sneak around the Building targeting your Breaker and you, he becomes even more hostile on Madhouse mode were he Is fast and silent, you can barley even see him on the cameras and gives you only a couple seconds to react to his attack.