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Horror Mickey was an antagonist from Abandoned: Discovery Island, before he was removed.


Horror Mickey has several eyes on his eye sockets, long spikes on his legs and he was completely red.


He will start from Caverns Entrance, and then moves to the Meat Freezer before reaching to The Office. The player must shut off the power to avoid him. Failure to do so would result a jumpscare, resulting a game over.


  • He is the character which he still has arms.
  • He is one of the Torture Toons group. The others are Torture Mickey and etc.
  • He was also planned to be added on D-Day Mode, but that idea was scrapped.
  • The reason why he was removed, was because he didn't fit in A:DI story.
  • Before his removal, he could be seen on version 0.9.2, but with bugged AI. In 1.0.0 and onward, he was officially removed.
    • Because of that, he starts at Caverns Entrance, then teleports to Meat Freezer, and then to The Office, but he doesn't kill the player.
      • Possibly, his AI and jumpscare were unfinished. His jumpscare can be only seen on Extras menu.