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Huey Dewey Louie are antagonists in Abandoned: Discovery Island.

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Huey Dewey Louie are the grandchildrens of Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck, they appear to be a normal look with they shirts and hats but the only difference is that Huey is without an eye, Dewey have his left eye bleeded and Louie have human eyes.


Huey Dewey Louie are very faster and they starts on Night 3 in Character Prep 1 and when they enter in The Office the player will be completely defenseless, Huey prevent him from shutting off the cameras, Dewey prevent him from hiding under the desk and Louie prevent him from shutting off the power. For make they leave the player must shut off the power before they reaches The Office.


Huey Dewey Louie starts in Character Prep 1 and they can move fastely to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, the Stairway and the Office.


  • Huey Dewey Louie can also be activated by Scrooge McDuck on Night 6.
  • When Huey Dewey Louie are in the Office the player cannot go in the Pirate Caverns.