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Husk Photo-Negative Mickey is a fan-made easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Husk Photo-Negative Mickey (A.K.A HPNM)resembles a dirty, heavily deformed Photo-Negative Mickey suit. HPNM's ears are completely missing, and its eye sockets and mouth are widely stretched. HPNM is missing nearly the entirety of his left arm, and his right hand is severely disfigured, as it is missing all of its fingers. HPNM lacks any legs, and is always seen in a slouched position.


HPNM is a harmless easter egg that can be encountered at any night, but is very rare to see. When he manifests, he can be seen at the back end of the office near the Discovery Island sign, laying in a slumped position. The player can get rid of him by doing any of the following:

  • Raising the monitor.
  • Hiding underneath the desk.
  • Turning off the power.


  • HPNM is a hallucination that is supposed to represent Discovery Island's destruction after the events of Abandoned: Discovery Island, and before the events of Nightmare Before Disney. Discovery Island was burned down by Jake after his night with Corruptus, and HPNM resembles the melted, destroyed remnants of Photo-Negative Mickey after the fire.
  • HPNM is a vision from the future.