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Hybridition is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Hybridition is a fusion of MickMick and Photo-Negative Mickey, as the colors consists of mixing sepia; Photo-Negative, and ordinary Mickey Mouse colours. The suit is littered with multiple tiny holes and dirt in most various parts of the body. The colors are mixed up everywhere in the suit. His eye-holes are wide, along with 2 big, glossy, human-like eyes.


Hybridition only appears on Night 6, either replacing Corruptus or alongside him. He will appear on 1:AM, and will start in every CAM. If he teleports to a CAM, the CAM you're watching will glitch for a second, similar as Corruptus. He can enter the office before 2:AM. Once he enters the office, he will take 4 positions, rather than 3.

Once teleporting through CAMs, he will say one of the following quotes:

"You can't run away from us."

"I know you're there, stop hiding."

"I found you, don't hide."

If Hybridition is at the left side of the office, shut off a camera. If he's at the right side, hide under the desk. Shutting off a camera has a 50/50 chance of working if he's at the right side. If he's directly on the desk, turn off the power to get rid of him. If he's at the monitor, shut off CAMs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 to avoid him. Failing to comply with the right mechanic in a matter of 5 seconds will result in a jumpscare. When he kills you, he will crash the game.

Watching Hybridition in the CAMs will actually prevent him from entering the office, and he only enters the rooms that are empty (excluding Character Prep 2, but this only applies for Daisy Duck and Normal Mickey Suit's head), which is an advantage to the player.


Hybridition will first appear in CAM 6. He will then teleport into every location, depending on the path it takes. He will eventually enter your office.


  • Due to Hybridition's behavior, he is mistaken to have acting similarites to Corruptus. Despite being compared to Corruptus, the duo are not connected to each other.
  • According to his appearance, Hybridition is said to be linked to Corruptus.
  • Two of his quotes, "You can't run away from us." and "I know you're in there, stop hiding.", is a reference to Corruptus' quotes, "You can't run away from me." and "I know you're in there."
  • Although, this quote, "I know you're in there, stop hiding.", is a huge reference to that quote, "I know you're in there."
    • This quote, "I found you, don't hide.", is not referenced to anything.
  • Hybridition was submitted by TheFaceGamer7 to appear in A:DI 2.0. It's unknown if he will actually make it to the game, like Blood Mouse.
  • It's also unknown if he'll actually have audio.
  • Hybridition was voiced by TheFaceGamer7.
  • Hybridition may be connected to The Conjoined.


Hybridition is a corrupted figure, being created by Corruptus by hybrid. He only appears on Night 6, along with Corruptus or replacing him.

Rarely, before Night 6 begins, Hybridition will appear on the screen, gltching the screen for a second. He will say the following: ("You shouldn't have came to this place..."|"Now that you're here..."|"It's time for your life to come to an end."|"Any last words to say?"). An empty speech-text will appear. Once typed in, he will say, "These are you last words you'll say in your life." This is the signal when Hybridition is active.