Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Hycot is the third employee and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island.


He appears to be a multi headed suit. His main head is a skull with red possessed eyes and long, sharp spike teeth. His body costume is a Mickey suit that is torn and dirty. He has six arms each with a head as a hand. One the left from top to bottom are Mickey, Donald, and Goofy while on the right are Minnie, Daisy, and Pluto. All of the suit heads are normal and their eyes turn to red pupal's when in the office.


Hycot starts at night 5 in Character prep 1. He can be seen slumped down next to a wall. He shows that he's active when he stands up. When in the office, he appears in front of the desk. The player must not do anything until he goes away or he will kill them. He also speaks. His quotes are " We will find you", "We will not let you leave" " Some of us make mistakes, but sometimes our mistakes can be far worse than what you thought", " My creations are designed to kill you", and " We joined together as a last resort to get you"


Hycot starts at Character prep 1 slumped down then gets up when active, he then goes to Staff area, Meat freezer, then the office.


  • Hycot is actually a third employee. His real name is Harold Kayn. He is a suit designer. He died in his first suit he ever created.
  • He gains spike teeth and red possessed eyes though possession.
  • The main head is suppose to be a Mickey head. But was never put on. It's believed to be the head in Character prep 2.
  • His quotes has interesting messages. " We" often refers to him and the suit heads. His other quote " Some of us makes mistakes, but sometimes out mistakes can be far worse than what you thought" means that Hycot makes errors when designing suits because of his own imagination which explains the suits looking different.
  • Hycot's name is referenced to " Hydra" a mythical multi headed creature and " Mascot" which is a suit.