Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Don't open that door, we are just getting started" -Ice-Negative Mickey


Ice-Negative Mickey is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island RP.


Ice-Negative Mickey looks similar to a Photo-Negative Mickey suit, until he contacted another Photo-Negative Mickey suit and was captured. Then Photo-Negative Mickey turned him into an ice mascot, and now he suffers misery and despair...


Ice-Negative Mickey freezes the camera while walking in his own route, he first starts on the roof. Then the camera starts to freeze when in the meat freezer, then he finally walks into your office. You have to hide from him for 5 seconds, failing to do this on time will have Ice-Negative Mickey freeze you and then jumpscare you...


While moving, this is what he said.

  • "Its nice how you are warm and happy while i suffer this cold and dark pain"
  • "Suicide Mouse is always correct about this place, and you should be dead"
  • "He.... Turned me into a monster"
  • "I need your soul, to free this cold and dark despair"
  • "Don't open that door, we are just getting started"


  • He was requested by NowDoYourHomieShake.
  • He is believed to be made after Fire-Negative Mickey.
  • He could possibly have no soul inside, explaining why he would suffer misery and despair.
  • He has an icy sensation, meaning he only likes places that are cold.
  • His model was made by Michael255, and this guy deserves some credit.
  • His voice would sound like Photo-Negative Mickey when he says his quotes.(Beta Voice)
  • He's a counterpart of Fire-Negative Mickey.
  • Sometimes in the menu Ice-Negative Mickey would show up with human eyes in the menu and the same smile like Photo-Negative Mickey's shade, when spotted it will stay there. A quote will say "Prepare for a long and cold death" in some kind of cyan text, then he will jumpscare the player putting him on the previous night the player completed.