Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Ignited Photo Negative Mickey is an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Ignited Photo Negative Mickey is based on his original look, except he is burned, and is missing almost of his left ear and arm. He actually has eye pupils that can be a bit visible.


Ignited Photo Negative Mickey appears on Night 6. He acts like Photo Negative Mickey's behavior but much more dangerous and aggressive. Unlike in his original look, the player must hide under the desk if he's in the Office.


Like his original self, Ignited Photo Negative Mickey starts in Character Prep 1, then proceeds through the Staff Area, then the Bathroom, then the Meat Freezer, then the Lounge and enters the Office.


  • "I want to see your head come off"
  • "I'm gonna take your head off"
  • *laughing*


  • His voice is similar to Hell Bound PN Mickey's voice from FNATI 2: The End of Disney
  • His jumpscare is similar to Ignited Freddy