Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Hey, if you can hear me, I just need to tell you about this, uh suit... His name was Willy and he got burned down and uh... Unlike the other suits, he is really fast around the building, so if he goes in your office, be sure to shut off a camera or hide. You'll be fine since the loud noises will lure him away and he doesn't check behind the desks. BUT, when the power's off, he will appear in your office like every 20 to um 30 seconds. Hiding will work on him, but DON'T shine the light a lot on on him. He will kill you if you do so. Well, that's all about I need to talk about. Good luck!"~Greg talking about Ignited Willy.

Ignited Willy is one of the five tertiary antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Joy Of Creation.



Ignited Willy is a black and white incarnation of Ignited Mickey, and he's similar to the Ignited Mickey in Ignited Steamboat Willie. He also appears similar to Ignited Suicide Mouse, and is based off his original design. But, he is badly burnt, albeit the downer parts of his body is less dirtier. He has one luminous eye-pupil in the right eye, as the left one is gone.

Disturbingly, there's a black wire going across parts of it's body, he has the tip of parts of his 2 ears missing, and a gaping-open-like smile and mouth. The tip-part of his right shoe is missing. His right shoe, albeit is deflated almost. He lacks his right arm, his dirty textures seem to almost discolor/cover the colors, nearly showing discoloration throughout the body.


Ignited Willy appears on Night 5, he acts like the behaviour of Willy, but he's much more (albeit than the other Ignited Suits) aggressive and dangerous, and tends to give the player less time to react. Unlike in his original look, if the player uses the monitor for too long when he's talking, he quickly enters the Office. To prevent him to kill the player, hiding under the desk is a must for about 5 seconds. If the player doesn't hide in time, or denies on doing that. Ignited Willy will kill the player by then.


Ignited Willy will first appear in Character Prep 1. He will then head into the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Staff Lounge; by then will eventually head toward the Office at last.

Rarely, (slightly an Easter Egg) he will enter the Broadcasting Room, greeting Ignited Suicide Mouse.


As Ignited Willy moves in his path, he will occasionally talk, saying phrases including:

  • "Hi there."
  • "Hey." (in a deep/perverted voice, only heard in the Title Screen)
  • "Hey." (in more of a Mickey Mouse-like voice)
  • "My boat? You took it!"
  • He isn't nice..."
  • "Where's my hat?"