Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

lmmortal mickey is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6


He is one of Father's men. He suit to be a worker in the Meat Room 2B, before an incident came and later got skinned alive and hanged by a hook in the Meat Freezer. Now he's revived by Father and works for him.


He appears to be a skinless mickey who is know muscles and flesh. He also carries around a butcher fire knife and wears a mannequin mask.


lmmortal mickey starts at Night 5 in the vinno room. He is first off camera, but then the crank then turns and slowly decends him from the hook, the player must click on the crank and pull it back up or he will become active. When in the office, the player must shut off the power or he will kill you. He can also be seen picking up the butcher fire knife after he was left down.


lmmortal mickey starts at the vinno room, and then the office.


lmmortal mickey starts for " fire dark Flesh" which he's made of and " lmmortal people mouse " because he kills people with a butcher fire knife.