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Impure Mickey is a protagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Impure mickey looks like a regular Mickey Mouse, except with small holes for eyes and human teeth, and a wizard hat. Similar to Impure Mouse.


If the player holds the "Shift" button when they die, Impure Mickey will appear and give the player some bad advice.


  • "You're a faggot jake." -[When the player dies to really happy mouse 3 times in a row]
  • "Hiding is for Pussies" - [When the player dies by Acephalous]
  • "Tell him to fuck off" - [When the player dies by Photo-Negative Mickey]
  • "Did the dildo really just kill you?" - [When the player dies by Undying]
  • "Git Gud Scrub" - [When the player dies by Oswald]
  • "You're too slow!" - [When the player dies by Classic Oswald]
  • "Aww, she just wanted a kiss!" - [When the player dies by Impure Mouse]
  • "Bruh hey tell him to fuck off again!" - [When the player dies by Modern Photo-Negative Mickey]


  • Impure Mickey was originally created as a meme.
  • Impure Mickey's model was made by Landwii