Impure Mouse is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Impure Mouse starts on The Roof, then move into the Office. She can also be activated on the third floor in Pirate Caverns.


Impure Mouse's appearance is similar to Photo-Negative Minnie's, except her colors aren't inverted from the original Minnie Mouse's, and she has human eyes.


When Impure Mouse activates, she will appear on The roof, then into the Office, and if the player doesn't shut off a camera, she will kill him. There is a rare chance when looking into Caverns Entrance, she will appear peeking out of the doorway in that room.


  • Impure Mouse is from Remastered 3.0 of the original FNaTI, however, unlike Willy, she does not make it into most revivals.
  • Impure Mouse might be connected with The Face.
  • She is the toughest character is the Officialtheface's Game.
  • Everyone probably thinks she likes Impure Mickey, but in reality the sight of him makes her want to drink bleach, if it would burn her insides.
    • A quote from Impure Mouse on Impure Ace: "I just don't get it, did I start some sort of trend? Just a bunch of copycats if you ask me."




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