Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


"impure mouse one went on a date with Fire-Negative Mickey... things didn't go to well and now Minnie is as hot as a BBQ. She can't eat vegetables of fruits because she will burn anything she touches so she normally eats meats like steak or chicken raw (even though it sounds dangerous to eat raw food it's already cooked when she puts it near her mouth) but still. since her right arm is replaced with nmare ace's skewer she can roast 301 marshmallows simultaneously"


she looks like melted impure mouse but there are m any holes on her dress and body with fire coming out of each rip. She also a missing right arm which is replaced by nmare ace's skewer and she a alternate skin know as rotting pumpkin Minnie who is brown and has a jousting stick for her skewer.


every time you hide under the desk there will be a "temperature" meter on the bottom left if you hide under the desk to much the temperature will go up and you must stay out of the desk to cool the desk down (the meter wont fill up for ace because he takes a long time to leave the office) but still if you let the desk temperature exceed 100 you will catch on fire and you will look behind you to find out IHM9incinerating hot Minnie) was behind you this whole time resulting in a instant game over

game over audio

  • "sorry friend guess you could not take the heat."
  • "don't blame me for catching you on fire. just the desk is made out of wood and wood is a good fire starter"
  • "ugg... I just don't get why when I try to make friends they catch on fire and fall dead and I just want a friend"


  1. Ice-Negative Mickey fears her deeply because of the fact that he is made out of ice and does not want to melt
  2. in her quotes she does constantly tells you that she just wants a friend
  3. Fire-Negative Mickey and her are great friends

custom night

the challenges she will appear in will be in are:

  1. ladies night
  2. mice of the night
  3. not so olds
  4. no parts
  5. the corpses 2
  6. hell mode
  7. under the shadows
  8. *new* sharp claws
  9. *new* Disney catacombs
  10. *new* the death of Disney
  11. *new* hellish Halloween
  12. *new* Minnie mouse madness