Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Ink-blot Mickmick is the same Non-inverted Mickey mouse toon as before, but with mainly a more disturbing Appearance.


His Appearance seems to be quite changed in this version. He's heavily Damaged and Distorted. He has a big ripping in his neck and chest part, his left arm is ripped, exposing some yellow flesh, and he has Henry's right arm. He has Henry's left leg, and his right is tattered, with rippings in the shoe and leg that are exposing yellow flesh. He's missing his jaw, exposing a rotted human jaw. His eyesockets are big, exposing Henry's rotted skull, with a shiny Phantom-like eye in the left side. His left ear and nose are melting, along with the Mouth part of his head. His right ear seems to be in somehow ripped, and a bit melted. He has Henry's rotted corpse drenched in ink, and have some yellow flesh around his head.


Ink-blot Mickmick​ starts in the Mascot Only A sitting in the floor. He will later move to the Storage​ Area, Staff Area, Storage Closet, Bigger Lounge and Meat Freezer. After finishing his Camera Path, He will go to the office and enter at the left side. Ink-blot Mickmick starts at Night 1, Moving at 2AM.

Mechanic - When Ink-blot Mickmick enters the office, press the light button, as it'll blind him and he will leave the office.


Ink-blot Mickmick starts sitting in the floor of Mascot Only A, then he can be seen at :

  • Storage Area
  • Staff Area
  • Storage Closet
  • Bigger Lounge
  • Meat Freezer


  • "Hi."
  • "There is no escape."
  • "Help me. Help us"
  • *Laughing*

He talks with a deep voice while moving.


  • This Character is a Reimagined/Stylized version of Subwooferx3's​ ink-blot Mickmick.
  • When he says the phrase "Help me. Help us", he's saying you to help Henry, as he is Henry, and saying you to save the souls of the other Toons.
  • His phrase "Hi." is to be more similar to the Regular 4.0 Mickmick.
  • His laugh is actually Photo Negative Mickey's laugh, but reversed and deeper.
  • Ink-blot Mickmick actually has a Toon Counterpart/side, which is Mickmick.