Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Inky is a fan made antagonist for adi


his promo

Inky looks very similar to 2020 Mortimer with some exceptions

  1. only his head and ears appear to be melting
  2. he has grayscale teeth that aren't glowing (similar to hell bound sm)
  3. he has a tail
  4. his colors are significantly darker than any other sm variants that isn't pitch black
  5. he only laughs, he never talks about suicide or suffering. He just... laughs


he starts in the broadcasting room standing in the middle of the room, then he goes to character prep 01 with his head in a complete 180, then he strolls into the staff area in the bottom left corner, then he goes into the meat freezer. Toothless with red eyes, and finally the office in the left corner: you must shut off the power to get rid of him


him now active in the broadcasting room


him in character prep 1

him in the staff area

him in the meat freezer

him in the office

his killscreen


  • he is one of the sm variants that makes the broadcasting room red the other being Happy Mouse
  • his quotes (and old ones) can be found here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/566831621/
  • his laughs are from minnie 4.0
  • the song that plays when he is active is a caretaker's song being: "it's a burning memory"


755 a drawing of inky made by Bendypro2