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Insane Photo-Negative Mickey


Insane pnm is a fanmade character In ADI. He is pnm but more distorted, more sinister, with claws on his back.


I am back..

Wanna see my teeth?

He starts in The bathroom Cam then goes To the meat freezer, then lounge and then your office. Call mentioning him

Call mentioning Him :

Hey Jake, uhh, so i'm calling you to inform you about some suits we found. I will only talk about 1 since i Don't have that much time, but, If you want to know what the suit is, its basically a more sinister version of the photo negative mickey costume. So, he can see as he does have eyes.. so if he wanders into your office, just Hide under the desk for a bit. Be fast since he can see very well.. That's all i have to tell you for now. Goodbye and good luck!

_Greg On night 6