Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Inwithered Mickey is a fanmade antagonist in Abandoned Discovery island. He is a dusty Photo Negative Mickey suit from the past.


He appears to be a dusty Photo Negative Mickey suit, missing his right pupil, his right ear broken, half a left ear, missing a right leg and right oval. He uses the same model as Mick the Mouse


He becomes active on Night 3 in the office at 4AM. If the player keeps flipping up the camera for no reason, he will begin 4 phases, the first one sitting down, the second phase standing, the third phase on the office desk, and final phase is his face close to the player. The player must hide to survive.


He shares the same model as Mick the Mouse

He is free to use, just give credit.


Inwithered mickey's promo

Third phase

Fourth phase

Jumpscare of Inwithered Mickey

Full body

Inwithered mickey's second phase

Inwithered mickey's first phase