Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Island Mauler is an antagonist in Abandoned:Discovery Island.


He appears to be an armored skeleton. He has a skull with red eyes wearing a helmet. He also appears to show his body. His arms appear to have armored sleeves with the left arm being a glove with two blades attached to it and his right arm appears to be a pulse cannon. He also wears armor plates on his knees and wears boots.


He starts on night 4 in Storage room out the door. He will be seen walking around. When in the office in the right, he will be charging his pulse cannon. The player must hide to avoid it then he will leave after 1 shot. The player must be careful not to shut off the camera where he is at or else he will rage and then lets out a roar then will start running towards the player with his blade glove. The player must hide before he comes in. He will also be triggered if you let Disembodied, Pluto, or Daisy in for too long. While moving, he will say things like " Terminate trespasser" " Kill " " Must hunt down the prey" " Destroy", and " Must kill guard"


Island Mauler starts at Storage room, then goes to Staff Area, Meat Freezer, then Office.


He is a parody of the Russian Mangler from Black ops 3 Zombies Gorod Krovi.

He appears to hate loud noises.

He could be either a guard protecting the island and the suits from danger or a predator that is hunting down people who come on the island.

It's unknown how he appears to look like this.