"I fixed my old Mateo the Rabbit suit, looks AMAZING now. Take a look!" - Mateo Anderson talking about "Mateo the Rabbit's" Unwhitered version.


It's Mateo! has the same appearence as Oswald and Mateo the Rabbit but unwhitered and with arms.


It's Mateo! Will start off cam in the Green Cove, when he has become active, he will be crawling out of a box. He somehow can move his face, because when coming out of the box, he is smiling happily, he will proceed to Pirate Caverns Entrance where he can be seen poking out from the right hallway. Finally Character Prep 2 where he can be seen walking OUTSIDE THE WINDOW wich is unknow how he does this. He will rarely appear doing this, wich means he has arrived to the Lounge (Somehow again) where he can be seen like if he has just entered the room. He will proceed to The Office where a troll song will play in a loop, when It's Mateo! Has entered, the only way to make him go away, is by shutting off the power. Or he will highly attract other suits, he has a behaviour similar to Pluto's. The player can avoid him by watching the Green Cove, this will make Mateo don't move at all, similar to Undying.

He will say the next when moving from room to room:

  • "Doop and trip up!"
  • "It's nice out here."
  • "Jake, im not going to hurt you!"
  • "We all have done many mistakes..."
  • "Bobcat? Where are you!"

He is probably connected with Bobcat.

The song that plays when It's Mateo! Has entered the office.

It's Mateo! Song.
Mateo's Screech (If the player hides while he is on the Office)
Mateo Screech


His appearence is identical to Oswald's except he has Arms, his shorts are colored in Green, and his eyes are toony. He is rather smaller than Oswald but in his promo he looks same-sized.


He starts off cam in the Green Cove, When he has become active, he will be peeking out from a box. Then he proceeds to the Pirate Caverns entrance, then Character prep 2 where he can be seen walking outside the window, and then the Lounge, finally the Office.


  • The music that It's Mateo! has when he enters the office, is a cut out of "Dooper than Doop [Remix]".
  • He is the Unwhitered version of Mateo the Rabbit and also one of the few Oswalds to have Arms. After Armswald and Classic Oswald.
  • He is a Team-Up class in the Island, as he helps PN Mickey and others to reach the Office faster.
  • Having to watch the Green Cove to stop Mateo is a hassle, since the player MUST watch the Meat Freezer to stop Undying.
  • It is unknown why Mateo can play that song in the Office, but when he is on it, he will attract more noise suits, like Donald, and if the player neglects to shut off the power, he will summon Daisy duck, making it impossible for the player to fend him off, however, the player can still put up and down the camera (If Purity dosen't crashes in).
  • Weird enough, if the player decides to hide when he is on The Office theres a chance he jumpscares the player, killing them.
  • He DISLIKES the dark, explaining why he dosen't stay when the power is shut off, he can be seen on his Box again.


Thanks a lot Un Invert Mickey for the promo :) Appreciate it a lot!

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