Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"I decided to fix some of the old suits around here, so I started with the weird Oswald copy. Should look far better now." - Mateo Anderson

* Overview

It's Mateo! has a similar appearance to Oswald, and is the renovated iteration of Mateo the Rabbit. In comparison to the other rabbits, this suit has both arms and the textures look new. Apparently, this suit has the ability to slightly smile.

* Behaviour

It's Mateo! will start in the Green Cove out of sight. Once It's Mateo! becomes active, he can be seen peeking out of a box, and after that he'll proceed to the Pirate Caverns Entrance where he can be seen near the light. After a while, It's Mateo! will head to Character Prep 2 where he is caught outside of the window. It's Mateo!'s next stop is the Lounge. It's Mateo! will proceed to enter The Office to play a tune that attracts other suits (specially Disembodied). To fend him off, the player must turn off the power for a short period of time. The player can delay It's Mateo! by constantly keeping an eye on the Green Cove, the reason being that it causes It's Mateo! to not move at all, similar to Undying. Hiding under the desk when It's Mateo! is present in The Office has a probability of killing the player.

When moving from room to room, It's Mateo! will speak in a goofy voice one of the following lines:

  • "Whoops, almost fell!"
  • "Think outside the box!"
  • "Let's play Hide 'n Seek!"
  • "Don't let the past catch up."
  • "Bobcat... Bobcat... Oh where could you be?"

The song that plays when It's Mateo! Has entered the office:

It's Mateo! screech sound. (Warning: Loud)

* Locations

He starts out of sight in the Green Cove. Once It's Mateo! becomes active, his route toward the office follows as a pattern: Pirate Caverns entrance, Character prep 2, The Lounge, and finally, The Office.

* Trivia

  • The tune that It's Mateo! plays when he enters The Office is a cropped version of a song named "Dooper than Doop [Remix]".
    • One of It's Mateo!'s old voice lines referenced the previously mentioned song. "Doop and trip up!"
  • It's Mateo! is a renovated iteration of Mateo the Rabbit and also one of the few Oswalds to have Arms. after Armswald and Classic Oswald.
  • Despite appearing harmless, It's Mateo! remains a constant danger, specially when other suits are in The Office at once.
  • The mechanic to keep It's Mateo! in place is the same as Undying's.
  • The source for It's Mateo!'s tune remains unknown.
  • It seems that It's Mateo! dislikes the dark, explaining why he leaves shortly after the power is turned off.


Credits to Un Invert Mickey for the promo art.