Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Jack-O-Lantern Mickey is a disembodied Jack-O-Lantern in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He looks just like a actual pumpkin, but it shaped just like mickey's head with his eyes carved out with them glowing.


He doesn't do anything and is currently locked in a cellar in pirate caverns.

If the player clicks on him while on the desk in the office after collecting him, he will send the player to Halloween night.

How to obtain

To get this jack-o-lantern, the player must have the ghost key and approach the cellar in pirate caverns, and click on the head on the floor to collect him. After the player exits, on the next night (Unless the player completes night 6) the pumpkin will be on the desk in the office.


  • This character was actually created way before it's info was published, it was created on july 4 due to the reason that this character was holiday theme.