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"Tonight, you will burn in hell" -Jack-O-Zombie


Jack-O-Zombie is an antagonist in FNATI


He is a character that can be seen in Night 5's secret ending, he starts on Night 6 ("His" ending)

He is one of the antagonists capable of holding weapons, such as Jeff The Killer, and he has a pumpkin head.


Jack-O-Zombie is like True Mickey but instead he starts on The roof, then goes to the Meat Freezer and then makes his way to the office, when he is in the office he can be seen holding his sword. To make him go away the player must hide under the desk for 5 seconds for him to go away. Failing to hide under the desk will cause him to jumpscare you.


"My blade is sharper then you"

"Enjoying the mind games?"

"Tonight, you will burn in hell"

"You will be scared for all eternity"

Trivia thing

  • Jack-O-Zombie is based off the headless horseman
  • His nickname is "The evilest vegetable you'll ever meet"
  • This can be found here: https://plus.google.com/+CodyEnjoysGrapes
  • His quote "Enjoying the mind games?" is based off Injustice 2's clash dialog from Scarecrow
  • When he speaks, he could sound like Scarecrow or in a deep, scary voice.
  • He's now confirmed to be a inside joke/antagonist