Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Jackson is a fan made antagonist in A:DI"


He takes appearance of a Green Humanoid with Blue Mickey Mouse head and a Mickey Mouse Leg with Blue Colored Shoes. His both hand are a Red Spike, he also has a Sharp Teeth and Human Teeth and a veins near his eye socket. Last thing about this is that he has strange "Creature" on his upper left body. The "Creature" appearance is a tentacle attached to a Human Eye.


He make his way from Caverns Entrance to your Office. When he's on your Office drag the "Spicy Spray" on your desk by hovering your mouse then press "S" near his eye or else he will kill you in Gruesome ways(He stab your eye then he will take your heart and stabbed it with Meat Cleaver and he will take your Brain and sliced it to Pieces).


(Note:all of his quotes have a Echo effect on it)

  • "Walt is a Mistake."
  • 'His creations are Disaster."
  • "He ruined everything."
  • I will pay for what he did to me."
  • "Why you have do this Walt?"
  • "Suck to be your Friends."


  • Caverns Entrance.
  • Meat Freezer.
  • Lounge.
  • Office.


  • He seems had a Dark Past with Walt that make him hate Walt.
  • It's unknown why he transformed to a hybrid of a Mickey Mouse and himself but it may related to Walt on the past.
  • He and Imposter Mickey are only humanoid that wear a Mickey Mouse head and only character that is combination of a Suit and a Humanoids.
  • His "Gruesome" jumpscare is similar to "Death Scene" trends on SFM Youtube Community.
  • He is one of the enemies that the jumpscare are not transparant background. The other being Classic Oswald on FNATI Found and All of the Suit/Toons/Humanoid Desk Jumpscare if you count them.