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Jigsaw Horace is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned discovery island, five nights at treasure island and a jigsaw counterpart of Horace, in this case it would be the counterpart of Horace and Abandoned Horace.


Jigsaw Horace closely resembles his counterpart of the black and white cartoons, with the exception that he is missing a large part of his left and right hands, because the dirt of the suit has a more brown tone, it has a hole in the part right of the chest, his face and mouth are broken.


Jigsaw Horace starts in the Piano Room sitting on the chair, before he becomes active. Like The Face, he will chase the player throughout the whole floor. In Night 4, he will start in the Storage Room. However, he will be activated by hiding several times under the desk, which that is 5, already active, he will go to the staff area, meat freezer and than the office. You must shut off a camera so that he goes away, otherwise it will end up by killing you.


Storage Room ➝ Staff Area ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ The Office. In the pirate caverns he will start in the piano room and then will chase the player for all the first floor with the face.


  • Similar to abandoned animatronic, you will see an animation of him entering the office.
  • Jigsaw Horace's only lines are "i going to smile after your death" when he is in the meat freezer and "we all bring you suffering, right?" when the player receives game over.
  • There's one easter egg. If Jigsaw Horace and purity enter at the same time, Jigsaw Horace going to say "i need you, for my salvation" probably, he knows he can be released, so he wants to ask purity for help.
  • the screech he makes is the same as mick mick does.
  • Can anyone tell me where I can get the map of floor 1 of pirate caverns.

Jigsaw Horace pirate caverns