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Jigsaw Willy is the senary antagonist in the game called, The Old Tunnel of Spirits, and is another antagonist in a fan-game called, Breaking The Magic.


Jigsaw Willy's appearance is the same as that of Willy's, and is based off the Steamboat Willie cartoon counterpart, but is dirty and broken, since he is missing half of his left arm and has his face split in two which is supported by a thread/stitching, similar to Jigsaw Mickey. He has a mouse tail, and his right ear is damaged a bit.


Abandoned: Discovery Island

Jigsaw Willy will start on the Roof but you will not be seen until it has activated to kill you, then when activating, Jigsaw Willy will move to the Roof duct to enter your Office and to kill you. When Jigsaw Willy has entered your Office, you must turn off a camera to keep it away from you and not be killed, otherwise it will result in a jumpscare and in a game over there is also a 65% probability that hiding under the desk will take him away from you and survive from him.

FNATI: The Old Tunnel of Spirits

Jigsaw Willy begins in the Entryway 1, and if the player looks at the camera for a too-long period, he will disable for cameras for approximately 10 seconds. Making the other Broken Spirits to go into the Office quicker than usual. Later, he enters the Office at the left door. If you spot him, either close the left door in front of him, or either hide in the locker to get him away from you, like Broken Spirit Minnie, otherwise he'll jumpscare the player and result in a game over.


The Roof ➝ Entryway 1 ➝ The Office.


  • Interestingly he appears from time to time in the Broadcasting Room and even in the end; everyone's happy, appears in the Broadcasting Room and will stay there for the rest of the Night 4.
  • His scream/jumpscare is what Henry does.
  • Originally, it would start in Character Prep 2 but it was changed to the Roof because in characters prep 2 there was no space and also because in the ceiling there are almost no characters.
  • It is one of the slowest characters since the per camera will take 12 seconds and others will take 5 or 10 seconds.
  • His route is similar to The Face.


  • "Do you think that something or someone is missing to join?"
  • "Why are you hiding from us?"
  • "In this place there are old and new enemies to discover."
  • "Welcome to the dead memories."
  • "Those days were incredible, before the disappearances and deaths."
  • Give me a reason to exist here.