Jimmy Neutron is an antagonist in Five Nights at Nick's, which is based off the original character from the show, Jimmy Neutron.


He looks similar to Jimmy Neutron, but his eyes are ripped off and has been replaced by human eyeballs. His legs are covered in slime and has a wide ghastly open smile with no teeth.


Jimmy will start in the Slime Room and will make his way to the office, but in a different way. He will climb up into Vent B2 at the area Hallway A4, climbing his way down to the office. Once he reaches the office, the player must turn on the ventilation to blow him away. The blowing system will then take about 20 seconds to blow him away, back to Hallway A4.


Jimmy will start moving at Night 4 in the Slime Room and will make his route to

Slime room ➝ Hallway A2 ➝ Hallway A4 ➝ Vent B2 ➝ Vent B1 ➝ Office.



  • Jimmy seems to question a lot about the player
    • So far, Jimmy is the only character who has a death line
      • Which is similar to Ultimate Custom Night somehow.


Whenever he kills the player

"Hello i would like to introduce you to somebody meet the dead people, and you will be them two."
Voice 0

"If you came to this place to see the kids choice awards show or watch cartoons, well unfortunately its canceled."

Voice 1

"What are you doing with your life? Did you came here because you want to be alone? Did you came here because you want to risk yourself dying? Or you came here because your bored? Whatever it does not matter anyway because your already gonna be dead in 2 seconds."

Voice 2

"This place is not a nostalgic place its actually a haunted deadly place."

Voice 3

"You don't give up do you?"(Jimmy only says this on night 5)

Voice 4

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