Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Jock Lochlainn is a minor character that is a New Member of the SSA, being hired by the team during the events of Night 3. He gives you a call on Nights 4 and 5.


Jock is very eager at helping out with the SSA, although he does sometimes get grumpy, but on the inside and part of the outside, he is caring, and helpful, and loves being very discriptive.

Night 4 Call

"Hello? Hello,hello? Um, oh, hi Jake! I'm Jock, I am a member of the SSA, and I am supposed to be a scavenger on the team, telling Greg, or Lisa, or even you if I find anything interesting. Well, Greg just notified me, stating that the new equipment has finally arrived! But, we aren't quite ready to get to you just yet and-- *Listens to you (JAKE)* wait... you found the vault?! Hooray! I can't wait to tell Greg the great news! Where did you find the vault? Pirate Caverns, second floor? Cool! Anyways, I just was gonna say that we can't get to you just yet, we need to wait for our tugboat to arrive so we can pick you up. Also, since you went down Pirate Caverns, could you do a thing for me? You arent required, it's your choice, but could you go down there and get back our old equipment? We couldn't get down there because a... thing... was blocking our way. Thats why we decided to buy new equipment instead. And-- *Tugboat Horn* Oh! Good! The tugboat's here! See you at 6am tommorow!"