Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Joker is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned:Discovery Island 2.6


Joker a joke horror version of human . He has no Power has bright joke suit


He starts up at BackRoom in Night 9. He will get trough to joke Room and then enters your office.


  • If he has been used on Torture Po when Suicide Mouse song plays, the song skips to the part of the screams.
  • It refers to how Po from Batman Warehouse was tortured in the Batman Entertainment repair room, causing the restaurant to close.
  • The textures for the 3D model were made by ceffbloxx
  • In the jumpscare, he will appear from your legs to the middle, then move to the right of the screen.


When Suicide Mouse song is not already playing if he was used on Torture Po, the song will play, but skip to the screams immediately.